There are so many areas that small businesses need help with, but navigating through city government is likely the most pressing. For years, expediters have been required to ensure that permits are obtained, licenses are received, projects are allowed to move forward, fines are dealt with, to name a few. These expediters are costly and some have argued they aren’t always effective. So, what does Scott Stringer propose to do with a broken process buried in “red tape?” A new government agency. Believe it or not, Stringer proposed to specifically create a government agency to help navigate another government agency.

I don’t believe we need another layer of government to deal with a dysfunctional small business regulatory problem that is caused by the already existing and confusing layers of government we already have. Yet, this is the only answer bureacrats like Scott Stringer offer.

First, the Comptroller, whose job is to recommend how best the City spends, shouldn’t come to a solution as fiscally irresponsible as this. Second, although unwavering worker and consumer safety should always be the goal, there does become a point at which the inspections are over-whelming and contraindicated.