Mayor deBlasio has created an environment that has led to increases in crime, reductions in quality of life and been destructive to the relationship between the NYPD and the public. This environment is in direct contrast to the environment created by both Mayor’s Giuliani and Bloomberg who helped turn NYC into the safest big city in America. To get NYC back on the right track in terms of crime and quality of life issues, we need leadership that will unify the community, the NYPD and the political system, not a Mayor who will tear us apart for personal political gain.

The pathway to reducing crime comes in working together, but this statement is not just aimed at police officers. the entire community needs to be engaged, bringing respected leadership and helping the NYPD take guns, drugs and gang-colors off the streets.

Another key aspect in improving relationships between the NYPD and the people they serve is to get more community involvement in the police force itself. I will support a plan to increase inner-city recruiting by expanding all programs offering educational aid to city residents who join the NYPD. The best way to make police community relationships better is to have more people from “the community” serving on the force – and we should do everything we can to increase enrollment from people who are NYC residents.

We spend about $20 billion on the NYPD, the court system and the prison system. By getting to the core of the problem in high crime areas, we can save billions and save lives, but it’s going to take a city-wide official who has the trust of these communities and the willingness to personally engage them on a daily basis to get the job done.