Not just cops, but the entire community with respected leadership. We spend about $20 billion on the NYPD, the court system and the prison system. By getting to the core of the problem in high crime areas, we can save billions and save lives, but it’s going to take a city-wide official who has the trust of these communities and the willingness to personally engage them on a daily basis to get the job done.

Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (MWBEs): In the latest fiscal year, only 4.8% of the city’s $15 plus billion in contracted spending went to WMBE’s. My opponent recommends that we add another department to city government to fix this problem using a Chief Diversity Officer to oversee how these contracts are given out. I don’t believe we need another layer of government to oversee this problem and it’s fiscally irresponsible to proposed that solution.

We need a Mayor and a Comptroller in place who will MAKE it happen. Enough talk already. Enough reports already. Enough government layers to go through already. In a city that’s more than 50% black and Hispanic, it’s ridiculous that less than 5% of contracted work goes to WMBE’s. As Comptroller, I will lead the effort to address this issue.