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Campaign Updates from Social Media

5 hours ago
Photos from Michel Faulkner's post

We had the wonderful privilege today campaigning in New York. It was great to share the same message with two totally different groups of people. Everybody wants to be encouraged by the greatness of ... See more

12 hours ago
If de Blasio can’t get a handle on his temper, he’s in big trouble

If you can't handle the heat stay out of the kitchen. If you don't love New York you cannot lead New York. I understand the difficulty of handling press questions, especially stupid questions ... See more

Well, now we know why Mayor de Blasio waited two years before he started doing radio call-in shows: He just can’t keep his cool when he gets tough questions. On Friday’s Brian Lehrer show, de ... See more

2 days ago
Faulkner for New York - African American Day Parade

What a great day. Walking in the #AfricanAmericanDayParade was amazing. It was such a pleasure to walk, meet and shake hands with good people in this great city. Unity is our destiny! ... See more